Company profile. Why our customers like to work with us.

We help you to protect investments in software licensing, to provide clarity in the software use rights and the risks involved in software vendor audits.

Who are we

commoco is independent consulting company, founded in 2008, offering comprehensive portfolio of services with focus on software licensing, license procurement optimization and software asset management. Portfolio covers from essential licensing consulting, help with negotiating volume licensing agreements, license management up to software asset management.

What we do

We provide in-depth survey of your organization needs when buying Microsoft software, to serve your business objectives and future IT requirements. After evaluation we recommend the optimal licensing programs that meet your organization goals with the lowest financial and operating expenses, including negotiations with reseller and/or vendor.

We understand this business

Our consultants are former employees of companies with LAR competency or former Microsoft employees and have years of experience in our company’s core business: license optimization and license management. We focus organizations with 50-500 seats, nonetheless we are pleased to offer our services to organizations of either size.