License optimization. How can you reduce your costs when purchasing software licences.

The three-year license programs such as Microsoft Open Value or Microsoft Enterprise Agreement offers predictable costs and annual payments over three years. The disadvantage could be the agreements’ integral part: Software Assurance.

Understanding the individual building blocks and rules of license programs is a crucial factor when optimizing your software investments. In recent years, Microsoft added to its portfolio new license programs: Microsoft Online Services Agreement (MOSA), Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) and Microsoft Products and Services Agreeement (MPSA) in addition to the existing programs of the Open family. Multiple programs offer price level, minimum requirements, point levels, and other mechanisms that need to be assessed.
Our consultants will provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities tailor-made for your organization and help you understand and articulate your needs, thus reducing the possibility of over-licensing and reduces the risk of misuse of the software licences. Find out whether software deployment in your organization corresponds to the release schedule of new versions of software by Microsoft and recommend the appropriate license programs.

Our team will help you verify that you purchase in the right license program. We can also offer negotiation strategy with the reseller or vendor and take into account those aspects that are often overlooked by the reseller. Throughout the consultations we maintain the highest level of confidence with our customers.

The average savings based on these most common examples are about 20%:

  • Removing of not needed products or not compliant products.
  • Over-licensing and/or purchase of Software Assurance for products, where not required.
  • Purchase of client access licences either as packages (CAL Suites) or individual CAL-s depending on use.
  • Reconciling agreement with Microsoft’s fiscal period ends to get the most out of discounts, promotions and incentives.